Cncf certified kubernetes application developer

These are excerpted from the upgraded package of my book for web application developers getting their Kubernetes certification. While not actual questions from the exam, these questions are of a similar style and content to questions from the real exam.

The upgraded package of my book contains a realistic three hour, thirty question practice exam with complete solutions. This premium exam contains more realistic, more challenging questions and solutions that will test your ability to work in an existing Kubernetes cluster under time constraints.

Create a namespace called ggckad-s0 in your cluster. Run the following pods in this namespace. All operations in this question should be performed in the ggckad-s2 namespace.

Create a pod that has two containers. The first container should run as user IDand the second container with user ID Both containers should use file system group ID All operations in this question should be performed in the ggckad-s4 namespace. This image is in the main Docker repository at hub. The web server listens on port It returns a status code response when the application is healthy.

The application typically takes sixty seconds to start. Create a pod called questionpod to run this application, making sure to define liveness and readiness probes that use this health endpoint. All operations in this question should be performed in the ggckad-s5 namespace. Create a file called question Configure the deployment so that when the deployment is updated, the existing pods are killed off before new pods are created to replace them.

Matthew Palmer is a software developer and author. Question 1 Create a namespace called ggckad-s0 in your cluster. Question 2 All operations in this question should be performed in the ggckad-s2 namespace.

Question 3 All operations in this question should be performed in the ggckad-s2 namespace. Question 4 All operations in this question should be performed in the ggckad-s4 namespace. Question 5 All operations in this question should be performed in the ggckad-s5 namespace. Get Course. Smash the CKAD. Get the 1 course. Complete with eBook, practice exams, and prep resources. Meet the Author Matthew Palmer is a software developer and author.People always ask us via mail, how do I prepare for the Certified Kubernetes application developer?

As a tech guy, I made a choice to answer this question. Before I start handing out my research plan and exam planning tips, let me take this time to say a big thank you to the CNCF people.

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They are doing a great job in developing such a realistic and hands-on certification compared to the exams of the MCQ format. However, this is truly, visionary for all of us.

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Seriously, you can take a look at these course. Living and breathing with YAML syntax is the most important thing. For Kubernetes, it is the de-facto language and learning the complexities can allow you to go a long way for overall planning. There are a lot of online tools available and my first pick is one from tutorialspoint. Read on. Understand critical shortcuts such as line deletion, copy yanking pasting, and navigation.

Please note: I suggest vim, as it will surely be helpful for you in the future and not just for passing the CKAD exams and test. Are you fully new to Kubernetes or would you like to upgrade the basics again? Before heading straight into CKAD details, this is a terrific primer. Click Here for Introduction to Kubernetes for beginners. He describes the principles very clearly and comes with assessments for practise as well. Here, a word of warning regarding practise tests-the ones given are basic and so you might want to focus on some external sample questions.

It will also allow you to extract the data into a YAML definition for you to change later. This best of the best. It will help you avoid typing extra characters. Furthermore, kubectl provides several handy shortcuts such as po podsrs replicasetsdeploy deploymentsnetpol network policies etc.

A sample usage will now look like k get po to show all the pods instead of getting pods from kubectl. In this examination, you are authorised to refer to the official documentation of Kubernetes. Get acquainted with this and know what needs to be researched and where to look when in doubt. For this exam, the search box on the top right of this page is your guiding light. As can be seen above, recursive should be your default man page. Although you would be allowed to open an additional tab to bring up the official documentation.

So, I honestly felt that it was better to search within the terminal right there because it is an integrated syntax documentation to check on the go. Learn to use this for your success and to abuse it.I begin with stating that the title is a click bait and my playing around with words. I do not want to explain why I gave this exam, I just did because I wanted to learn kubernetes — not because what others would say about it.

I think everyone in their job, when either get Passionate about something or Desperate about something, achieve something extraordinary. Same was my journey towards CKAD. I wanted to get fire in my belly to have some goal for learning at much faster pace. And active learn from a passive watcher. The whole act was in my case passionate if not really desperate to get the certification. To an extend writing this blog, now I feel somewhat sad that the developer journey has ended, though there are lot to do.

It gave a very basic introduction of the core concepts for kubernetes. For me it helped to kick start the whole journey. This course is a must for passing the exam. This should be the next logical step towards preparing yourself for the certification. Actually you will join their slack channel and see every day one of the other person posting about clearing the CKAD exam or even CKA — you would start feeling sometimes confident about clearing, sometime irked that it is taking you too long to get to that stage.

Stay your course no matter what happens and do read about others experience. Trust me nothing can prepare you, more than you yourself. I have added the one github repo [4] in the reference section below, which is the most popular one. There are several others people like to go through, but for me it was sufficient whenever I do not want to see recording but just want to practice whether I still remember the commands. There are numerous other ways to actually go practice — one definite way is work on an actual project which involves Kubernetes — not sure possible for everyone.

I too end up volunteering for a team which really helps. I still keep this [4] here because it helped in preparing my mind to sit through 2hour of mindful questions.The introduction of containers provided an exceptional boost to the field of application development.

While the majority of the discussion regarding containerization technology used to focus on Docker only in the initial days, Kubernetes has also garnered substantial popularity in recent times.

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Kubernetes has emerged as a promising container orchestration platform preferred by many enterprises for automating the management of containerized applications. Most important of all, enterprises adopting DevOps approaches are more likely to use Kubernetes. According to the cloud predictions by Forrester Research, Kubernetes has clearly emerged as a winner among different tools for container orchestration. The following discussion would help you know the important details about one of the recognized Kubernetes certifications.

Candidates aspiring for the Certified Kubernetes Application Developer certification exam can find the following discussion helpful. The important information covered here can help in CKAD exam preparation. Readers can find basic information about the exam, along with a detailed outline of the exam objectives. Subsequently, readers could also find the important steps for effective certified Kubernetes application developer exam preparation. The primary objective of the certification program is the expansion of the Kubernetes ecosystem by leveraging standardized certification and training.

The CNCF recognizes the value of certification in supporting the growth of a community of application developers specializing in Kubernetes. The CKAD certification can help application developers prove their value and credibility in the job market.

In addition, the certification is also helpful for enterprises to hire competent professionals to foster their growth. The CKAD exam tests the abilities of users in designing, developing, configuring, and exposing cloud-native applications for Kubernetes. The ideal target audience for this exam involves a candidate aspiring to prove skills in the definition of application resources.

The candidates should also have an interest in showcasing skills for using core primitives in building, monitoring, and troubleshooting scalable applications and tools on Kubernetes. Basically, the CKAD exam primarily aims at verifying that certified candidates have the required knowledge, experience, and skills for performing the responsibilities of Kubernetes application developers. The prerequisites for the exam establish the capabilities of the candidate to take on the exam.

You can think of the recommended requirements for the exam as vital support for your readiness for the CKAD exam. The candidates for the CKAD exam should have fluency in the following.

The exam also implies the requirements for having knowledge regarding microservices architecture and container runtimes. The next crucial information for candidates to ensure the best possible training for the CKAD certification exam refers to exam details. Candidates will have to appear for the Certified Kubernetes Application Developer certification exam in an online, proctored environment.

The exam would include various performance-based tasks, and candidates will have to solve the problems in the tasks in a command line. The total duration of the exam is 2 hours. The next important concern that candidates should take into account in a certified Kubernetes application developer preparation guide refers to the exam objectives.

Candidates should know about the topics they have to study for an exam to prepare effectively for it. Actually, candidates can find the exam objectives in the outline of exam domains that reflect the abilities tested in an exam. Here are the important domains covered in the Certified Kubernetes Application Developer certification exam. Candidates should know about the subtopics and weighting of each domain. The knowledge of subtopics and the weighting of each domain can help candidates in ensuring an organized preparation schedule.Kubernetes is one of the world's most popular container orchestration tools.

How to Prepare for Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD)

It includes a combination of Courses covering each exam domain, a series of Hands-on Labs to build first-hand Kubernetes experience working directly in a live cloud environment, and exams to test your knowledge along the way. The Learning Path will prepare you to understand and demonstrate your knowledge in each of the general domains of the CKAD exam:.

This Learning Path is intended specifically for Kubernetes application developers. Anyone interested in learning how to work with Kubernetes will also benefit from this Learning Path. A solid understanding of containers, and Docker in particular, will be of value. If you are not comfortable with Docker, you are encouraged to complete the Docker in Depth Learning Path.

This Learning path uses Kubernetes running on Linux machines. You should be comfortable working with Linux shells. The Labs in the learning path use virtual machines running in public clouds. Prior experience working with virtual machines in cloud environments is beneficial but not required.

This course will teach you all about Kubernetes, including what it is and how to use it. The lab creates a Kubernetes cluster for you to use as you progress through the Introduction to Kubernetes course on Cloud Academy. In this lab, you'll learn about effective pod design building blocks in Kubernetes including labels, selectors, deployments, jobs, and cronjobs in this lab.

In this lab, you'll about logging and monitoring primitives in Kubernetes as well as how to extend the platform to use external logging and monitoring systems. In this lab, you'll master Kubernetes Pod configuration to improve cluster efficiency and utilization, harden your environments, improve container image reusability, and more. Deploy a stateful application in a Kubernetes Cluster in this Lab to understand how, why, and when it makes sense to run stateful applications in Kubernetes.

He earned his Ph. Difficulty Intermediate. AVG Duration 11h. Students Ratings 4. Content Course Created with Sketch. Description Kubernetes is one of the world's most popular container orchestration tools. Prerequisites A solid understanding of containers, and Docker in particular, will be of value.

Certificate lock. Learning Path Steps. DevOps Compute.

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Hands-on Lab.Do you need the ultimate resource for learning Kubernetes and preparing for your CKAD certification exam? Not ready to buy? Get a Sample Chapter. Matthew Palmer is a full stack web developer from Sydney.

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Get the Kubernetes for Application Developers eBook if you want to become a Kubernetes expert in a week. View table of contents. On the fast-track to CKAD certification?

Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD) Exam Preparation

Want to make sure you pass your CKAD exam on the first attempt? This is a must-have resource for passing your CKAD. Simply email us to get your money back!

cncf certified kubernetes application developer

I took the test exactly two weeks after I started studying. Your book was an integral part of my success. Thank you for writing it. The graphics are very helpful for visualizing what's going on.

How to Prepare for Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD) Exam?

It covers all the questions I have about how Kubernetes works internally, and the whole book is super-easy to follow. Even though I have worked on Kubernetes for the last year, the practice session really helped me get up to speed for the exam.

I looked for more resources and stumbled upon this book and was very impressed. Well organized and packed with clear information, I was more than happy to upgrade to the full package. I would highly recommend for anyone preparing for the CKAD exam or just looking for a solid reference for understanding Kubernetes.

Thanks for your exam-prep materials, they were genuinely helpful. I passed without a problem. If you need it, we can help convince your manager. Contact us for bulk purchase discounts. Used At.

cncf certified kubernetes application developer

Take our course to smash your exam on the very first attempt! Very straight forward.

cncf certified kubernetes application developer

Meet the Author Matthew Palmer is a full stack web developer from Sydney. The most popular resource for the Certified Kubernetes Application Developer certification Learning Kubernetes is hard. And trying to learn it quickly? Good luck! The documentation is so disorganized. Unexplained wads of YAML everywhere. Simple Kubernetes concepts feel like a visit to the dentist. Learn Kubernetes fast.We're a place where coders share, stay up-to-date and grow their careers. Katacoda is limiting resources allocated to free scenarios due to huge popularity of these scenarios.

In last 6 months folks spent hours on these scenarios. That's around days. Hi Amit, thanks for trying it out. It's an issue with Katacoda. Sometimes that continue button gets stuck. Some comments have been hidden by the post's author - find out more. Deven Rathod - Dec 22 ' Christophe Willemsen - Dec 26 ' DEV Community is a community ofamazing developers We're a place where coders share, stay up-to-date and grow their careers.

Create new account Log in. Listings Podcasts Videos Tags More Instructions Please use a desktop or laptop. These do not work in mobile devices. This practice environment runs on Kubernetes 1. This is NOT a replica of actual exam and should be used for practice only.

The questions are NOT same as actual exam. Successful completion of tasks can verified at the last step. You can also run check command anytime to verify your work. You can view solutions by clicking Show solution button, however you are encouraged to use Kubernetes documentation to find answers instead.

Practice environment will be expired in 1 hour. Refresh to get new environment. Connect with me on Linkedin. Image Upload image. Submit Preview Dismiss. Collapse Expand Very nice!

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